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Terms of Service

1. Consent to the terms of service

All services provided by OrchestraScoring are subject to these rules. By ordering OrchestraScoring services, you agree to these rules, the terms of the public offer and the privacy policy  and undertake to follow them.

2. Booking sessions and payment

Booking sessions is possible both by placing an order on the site, and by e-mail . After placing an order, we will contact you to confirm and agree on the details and issue an invoice for payment.

We provide services on 100% prepayment. The invoice must be paid within 3 working days, otherwise we have the right to refuse to provide services. Payment can be made in a non-cash way - by credit card or bank transfer.

3. Individual and group sessions

We provide recording services in two formats:

  • Individual session - a recording session that is organized for your project. The composition and dates of the recording are agreed on an individual basis. Booking an individual session is possible from 4 hours.

  • Group session - a recording session, which is organized for several customers in such a way as to provide a minimum order for a recording of 4 hours in total. This format allows you to order an orchestra recording for a small amount of music without having to pay for the entire 4-hour session. Booking a group session is possible from 30 minutes. These sessions have a predetermined line-up and recording dates, with the option to add instruments at an additional cost. Registration is subject to the condition that a sufficient number of customers have gathered on the selected date to ensure the minimum order.

4. Changes in group session dates

The group session dates are the planned dates for the recording. If the number of Customers of the group session on the date specified in the Order is insufficient to conduct it, then we reserve the right to reschedule the group session to a later date within 90 calendar days. We will notify you about the postponement of the group session no later than 7 days before the original date.

5. Cancellation and transfer of the session

If you need to cancel or reschedule an already paid recording session, the following rules apply:

  • In case of notification of cancellation / transfer no later than 21 calendar days in advance, the funds will be returned in full.

  • In case of notice of cancellation/rescheduling later than 21 calendar days, but no later than 14 calendar days, the funds will not be refunded, but can be counted as payment for a future session if it is postponed for a period of up to 90 calendar days, or to the nearest available date, subject to the agreement of a new date within 3 days from the date of notification.

  • In case of notification of cancellation / rescheduling later than 14 days before the appointed date or repeated cancellation / rescheduling, the funds will not be returned and will be counted as a penalty.

6. Requirements for scores and recording materials

We ask that you send your scores at least 14 days before the recording date to . This time is necessary for our team to check the scores for typos or inaccuracies. If any questions arise during the review of the scores, we will have time to agree on changes to the score. You make the final decision about making changes to the score. You also make all the corrections yourself and send a new version of the score and parts.

If you do not have time to send the scores within the specified time, we reserve the right not to check the scores. In this case, all issues that arise will be resolved during your session, creating the risk that you will have less time to directly record.

Scores and parts must be submitted as PDF files. Scores for the conductor must be sent in A3 format, parts for musicians - in A4 format.

If the recording is to be done with a recorded backing track or metronome, then you also need to send the necessary audio files and MIDI files with prescribed changes in tempo and time signature, or a Pro Tools session with audio files already arranged and bar numbers affixed. The bar numbers in the Pro Tools session, MIDI files must exactly match the score.

If you are submitting your materials as separate WAV files, they must all start on the same bar and match exactly the MIDI files.

Audio files and ProTools sessions must be in the resolution and sample rate that you want to record. We can record with sampling rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz, with a resolution of 24 bits.

The deadline for submitting all materials (scores, audio files, ProTools sessions, MIDI files) is 48 hours before the day of recording. If you do not have time to send all the necessary materials within this period, we reserve the right not to record, in this case the funds will not be returned and will be counted as a penalty.

7. Session duration

group sessions. The duration of your group session is determined according to your order. The listed group session time is the time given to work with the orchestra and the studio, which, in addition to the recording itself, also includes the time needed to discuss tasks between you, the conductor, the musicians and the sound engineer.

Individual sessions. The time of an individual session, in addition to working time, also includes breaks for the orchestra. Each hour of an individual session includes 50 minutes of orchestra work and 10 minutes of break. Thus, a four-hour individual session includes 50 minutes x 4 = 3 hours 20 minutes of work and 10 minutes x 4 = 40 minutes of breaks.

8. Broadcast and interaction while recording

We provide live broadcasting of sound and video from the studio. We use Audiomovers Listento (audio only), YouTube (video and audio) services for broadcasting. Please note that broadcasting via YouTube has a higher delay, so for the convenience of communicating with our team, we recommend using only broadcasting via Audiomovers Listento.

On the day of the recording, we will send you the necessary links to connect to the broadcast and an invitation to the Zoom meeting to communicate with our team. You will be able to express your wishes to the conductor, musicians and sound engineer.

9. Software and technical requirements

To connect to the broadcast, you will need a computer with a stable Internet connection (recommended download speed of at least 8 Mbps), preferably the latest version of the Internet browser (we recommend using Chrome), a microphone, and the Zoom application to communicate with our team. Please install the required software prior to the session. We also recommend that you use headphones during operation in order to avoid the echo effect.

10. Recording technical parameters

Recording is in WAV format 24 bit, 48 kHz, unless otherwise agreed. Recording is also possible in WAV formats 24 bit, 44.1, 88.2, 96 kHz.

11. Transfer of recorded materials

Recorded materials will be available for download 3 calendar days after recording. This time is necessary to carry out the final quality control and upload files to the cloud.

By default, we transfer content as ProTools sessions. Transfer of materials in the form of separate WAV files is also possible for an additional fee.

We keep files for 30 days after the recording date.

12. Mentioning OrchestraScoring in the credits

In the case of use of audio material recorded by OrchestraScoring in movies, games, for publication on streaming platforms (including YouTube, Soundcloud, BandCamp, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and others), social media, in the credits or in the description, please indicate OrchestraScoring, sound engineer, orchestra and a recording studio.

13. Exclusive rights

All rights to the recorded materials belong to you. You can use them at your discretion without paying any additional fees or deductions.

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